Don’t come to my funeral to show how much you cared about me

Don't come to my funeral to show how much you cared about me

 Come see me before I die, not after. ~ Marilyn Miron 

Spend time with me while I’m still around. ~ Cheryl Leaders 

Love me and give me flowers while I’m alive to enjoy you. When I’m dead I don’t know your feelings. Show me love while I’m here on this earth to enjoy you through the good and bad times. ~ Unknown

This is what my husband says every day. He doesnt even want a funeral because people always show up and act as if they care and you never see them. ~ Sheree Barcello  

Don’t give me a lorry full of roses when I’m gone, I rather have a single rose now. ~ Fauziah Shah 

If my family has no time for me I certainly don’t want them staring down at me when I am dead. No crocodile tears over me. The same thing with my friends. ~ Delilah Winstead 

My dad always said this and when he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, so many people came to visit. They also came to his funeral but they came to visit before he died. It’s so true. Make time for those who matter. ~ Sandy Wittich 

I don’t want a funeral or a memorial. Anyone who wants to show their respects needs to do that while I’m alive. Otherwise, me not knowing they had any is what I’ll take to my grave. ~ Carolyn Cooks 

Act now not when you get a new car or a new house, act now not wait until your kids are raised and you don’t have the responsibilities of a family, act now why you have a measure of health, act now why you are alive you may not get another chance, act now act now act now. ~ Larry Johnson 

I don’t like funerals, I like to remember the person the last time I saw them alive. Don’t want to see them dead and be reminded of it. Yes everyday I try to let everyone I love know what they meant to me especially my family. To those people who have a hold on my heart and I cannot be with them to tell them that they mean more than a lot to me, I hug them in my prayers and whisper to the wind that I love them and that they will love me the way I do them and they will be forever in my heart till I die. ~ Norma Powell 

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