I need someone who will never give up on me

I need someone who will never give up on me

I believe in true love. There is someone out there with these qualities and maturity and more. I’ve met him before, I’ll meet him again. Special people do exist, just need to find him. ~ Adrienne Lujan

We all have that someone. Just reach inside your heart and you will find Him. He knew your name before you were born and He knows your joys and your pain. He feels it all. And He will always be with you if you want Him to be. And even when you get mad at him. He will be there for you forever. ~ Clingan Miller

In this quote, not only was he being honest and upfront, he was being real. We all have that side of ourselves that gets ugly and he was asking the girl to stick around threw thick and thin and hopefully build a beautiful bright future together. We all deserve to say what we want, without apologies. Your needs are very important and if you don’t stop and figure those out, how will you ever know what they are.

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