Your first instinct is usually right

Your first instinct is usually right

If we would just listen and go with it. Don’t second guess yourself, just trust your instinct ~ Rebecca Comly

We do sense immediately what is right but because 85% of people ignore it we become confused, if it is food if you are in doubt whether you should eat it or not “don’t”, with going places if you are suddenly in doubt whether you should go “don’t go” . Meeting certain people straight away if you have a a funny feeling about them, “Keep away” from these people, they will only bring a lot of hurt, do not associate with people that are negative and bad, take notice of your own instinct. ~ Josephine Bick 

Every time I thought something about someone, I was always right and whenever I didn’t listen to my instincts, I ended up paying a price for it. Always listen to your gut. If you sense something is wrong with someone, their usually is. ~ Kristin DeCostello 

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