Whether it’s a friendship or relationship

Whether it's a friendship or relationship

Trust is earned and built inch by inch in the course of time but it can be easily lost at an instant any time.

Trust is number one, communication number two and be it a friendship, marriage, parents, sibling etc. A relationship is a relationship and should be treated with the up most respect. ~ Angela Johnson 

In any relationship, trust is the major key factor, an issue which involves making ourselves vulnerable to each other. It’s akin to stripping ourselves naked, metaphorically speaking, and become sitting ducks for each other like target practices. Should one breaks trust, the deceived party is left bereft, although there are no real winners here even though the deceiver will be the bigger loser. We are so caught up with our own fears of rejection and pretences that somewhere down the line we lose all sense of perspective and trust that we scarcely know whether we are fraudsters or real any more. Trust or lack thereof can make or break any relationship. ~ Margaret Young 

Some people do forget it and never try to restore it, they just move on. When they do it just wasn’t meant to be anyway, and when this happens it really does hurt, but you just to have to except it and move on with your life. ~ Nila Cottrell 

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