Never Give up on anybody

Never Give up on anybody

Miracles happens in the most unexpected ways, if you believe.

After this past few years all I wanted was to give up, holding on by my finger tips until I realized I’m in charge of my own life and happiness. I also found the people that truly matter the most never gave up on me. I’m Thankful I have family who love me and Friends that helped me get past what I believed was the worst time in my life. They didn’t give up. Now I’m not giving up on me and I do believe Miracles happen. If you feel as though you have to give up on someone in your life. Remember not to give up on yourself because you are the miracle. I refuse to live with anger in my heart, I am important, I won’t give up on myself. If the only love I find is God’s love for me and my faith that he won’t give up on me. ~ Connie Gilmore

Life itself is miracle. Being able to admire a sunset, feel the drops of rain on the skin, look high in the sky. All is miracle! ~ Freckled Nel 

There have been plenty in my life time, God gives you miracles when you ask, you do receive. Thank you Lord! ~ Debra Foster 

God can make any situation change. He created the universe and we are in his hands. ~ Betty Thompson 

I’ve been praying for one, so it must be coming. Yes I believe & Amen. ~ Debbie Foss

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