True love is always worth the wait

True love is always worth the wait

I waited 30 years for the guy that I had a crush on in my 20’s to return to my life. Married, living in love with my prince charming! Surely worth the wait! ~ Lauren Resnick 

After being single for 10 years and almost giving up, I did find my true love and it was worth the wait. ~ Adriene Asp 

Good things come to those who have patience and faith.

It’s out there. So many of us put so many restrictions and rules on others that we cancel things away from ourselves before they have a chance to start. I wanted nothing to do with the opposite sex and am now planning my wedding and enjoying (not perfect, but wonderful) 7 years and counting. Nothing is perfect, nothing is happy 100% of the time, but we work hard to make it together and we communicate honestly with each other and we are each other’s best friend and we love each other with every fiber of our being. It’s not that it doesn’t exist, it’s that it takes work and people don’t want to work on anything anymore. ~ Candace Marie 

Love is usually one-sided anyway. There is always that one person who loves the other a little more and conversely the other person loves you “a little less”. ~ Daisy Sunshine 

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