Hurt people hurt people

Hurt people hurt people

Hurt people hurt people. The chain has got to be broken. The generational curse has got to end. God is the answer, love is the only cure. ~ Melissa Portway 

We don’t live in an ideal world. There are hurts that remain because it reminds me to be cautious and there are hurts that allow me to make sense of who I am today. Better and getting stronger every day. ~ Maria Victoria 

The healthy man does not torture others. Generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers. ~ Carl Jung

Choose to not get angry, bitter, cruel etc & I still get hurt. But plus side. I can live with myself. Look in the Mirror & thin, you ain’t a bad bird, only good, honest, decent people can feel that. So to me, these words posted are true. ~ Unknown

Healing our wounds is our responsibility. It takes courage and new thinking/behaviour. There is only fear and love. We are all worthy of love. Look at how abused animals respond to kindness. They teach us so much. ~ Leonie Harrod 

When it comes to my life, hurt people absorb pain. I refuse to pass it on. My strong shoulders can take whatever is coming. ~ Denee Rebottaro 

God will help you forgive. He says so in his word. How can you ask him to forgive you if you refuse too forgive others? ~ Unknown

If you can’t forgive you loose and they win. Forgiveness is for you not them. ~ Ted Shrout 

We need to teach our kids this early in life so they recognize they are not the ones at fault if a close one treats them less than what they deserve. Abuse comes in many forms. Some leave marks you can see, most leave marks on your soul. None of it is acceptable. ~ Sara Ziegler 

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