People who want to stay in your life

People who want to stay in your life

Don’t waste one precious moment of life on the people who don’t love or like. ~ Veronica Repanti

When I realize they don’t really care if I’m in their life I back off. It just takes me a while to realize that sometimes. ~ Jen Bird

I tried and tried, but when he doesn’t want you, you can’t force love. When there is true love, then there is commitment and sacrifice. Sometimes we have to take the punch and accept it for what it is and let him go. No matter how painful it is. True love doesn’t wait or make someone wait, that is purely selfish. ~ Jani Laroche

Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone and they need space just continue to love them & pray for their well being & happiness & take comfort in knowing if they walked back in, it would be as if nothing had changed. ~ Terry Dabe

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