Sometimes I’m not angry, I’m hurt

Sometimes I'm not angry, I'm hurt

I usually cover my hurt with anger though because I don’t like having people see me cry. ~ Cynthia Suzumiya

99.9 % I’m hurt not angry. Problem is they just don’t get it. ~ Stacy Madsen 

Angry can be control but when you hurt, a scars remain.

It’s not worth getting angry over people, places and things. I don’t like having resentments, then you have to deal with them and usually the person that you might be hurt by doesn’t even know it, so forgive quickly and move on, that’s what works for me. ~ Pamela Dieffenderfer 

By getting angry helps to relieve the pain, but for some reason the pain is still there, so I think that crying actually goes deeper into our emotions which need to be released. If they’re not, then these emotions “will” affect your attitude in a lot of different ways, which then can make you be very unpleasant to be around. It’s extremely healthy to cry. Let it all out no matter how many times it takes. You’ll get a better night sleep too. Don’t hold it in, you’ll only make yourself sick. It could take years for the hurt to be less hurtful and less crying and then finally it seems fade away. I’m not saying you’ve forgotten about it, but I’m just saying you can get through it with support of family and friend’s who may even cry with you, but they are the ones that will hold you up and help you get through the pain. So may God give you strength and go ahead and cry, it’s also good for your eyes. It washes them out. ~ Debra Petrovic 

On one side of the blade is hurt and on the other side is anger; but no matter how deep the cut, it is still painful! ~ Renee Marie 

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