If people want you in their life, they will stay

If people want you in their life, they will stay

If you love them let them go, if they come back their yours, hope you get what you wish for.

All you have to do is observe peoples actions and you will know them and their character. 

If you have to chase them to get them back, you fall under their control.

Take care of your own garden and let the butterflies come back to it.

People are not rational. To them, the question should be, “If I’m important, why didn’t you chase me and keep me in your life?” ~ Maruko Wu 

Never chase anyone, if they want me they come and seek me. I don’t hold on if you want to stay, then stay. I let go if there’s too much drama and if you feel you are being suffocated then I release you, if you’re meant for me then you will come back. ~ Norma Powell 

If they make no effort to be a part of your life I don’t see why you must repeatedly put yourself through negative feelings of being unwanted. There are 7 billion people on this planet. If someone doesn’t appreciate you, move on and find people who do. ~ Rukmi Ray 

I never chase after anyone, you just look needy and desperate. If they can’t see how lucky they are to be a part of your life, then it’s their loss. Wish they would stay away though and not come crawling back when they realise they messed up. ~ Helen Lewis 

I like to wait a few days and re-contact a person to see how they feel after their anger has settled. Give them the benefit of the doubt. If they haven’t changed their mind, I’m not pursuing it. I just don’t have the energy. So, if you don’t hear from me, remember something: that is what “you” wanted.

There is a need to show if anyone matters, and be sincere about that, maybe even lie a little, but at the end you will live in your own cage of truth and lies and you will be happy as you deserve. ~ Dojchin Stanojkov

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