Family is the most important in the world

family is the most important in the world

Family are those people who love you unconditionally. Through thick & thin, good & bad, rich & poor. I was blessed to have the biological kind but those of you who were not only need to look around yourself to identify your true friends as family. ~ Lorna Deitz

Family comes first,what ever happened, family is always there for you. ~ Carmelita Shinozuka

Its when you are facing trials and tribulations that you realize how lucky you are to have your family and when you make it through you become closer. Knowing it was your family that stood by and loved you through it. Thank you God for giving me an amazing loving family. ~ Melissa Taraneh

There are lots of priorities in our lives but to me, family is the most important thing in the world. I will live for the rest of my life for my family. ~ Nick Adecer

I can’t imagine life without my family. ~ Mónica Figueras

With our family we are a running river and without it a river so dry that no one feels. ~ Fawzi Captan

“Family” can be conventional or it can be who you feel most comfortable with these days. Family takes on all different faces. ~ Jaimie Nicoll

Family is not only a blood bond. My family are my husband and my unconditional friends. Most of them are on facebook who discriminates FB friends from the friends we meet in the real life. The most important for me is love, in a family, in a relationship, among friend, meeting a homeless person in the street and help. I need to give a hug to all my FB friends. ~ Polina Smith

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