Care less about what people think of you

Care less about what people think of you

The less we care about what others think, the less bullying, the less rumours, the less cancer in the world. Let the healing commence and spread the word. ~ Patrik Gånge 

People think what they want to think anyway. Kind people will think kind things and unkind people won’t. ~ Michele Fleming

It’s only “true” when you have integrity, then in everything you do, you know you’re doing the right things. You can care less what people say then, you can get older knowing that it doesn’t matter what anybody says about you. ~ Steve Aspen 

What other people think of you doesn’t matter as much as what you think of yourself first. If you live by good principles, you should never have to worry about what others think of you anyway. Unfortunate that someone has to grasp at the negative possibilities here. A reflection of our times. ~ Terry Filce

Once we reach the age in the 60’s, it’s about time we start enjoying our lives, we are no longer in school. All the jealousy and bullying is behind us. I just learned I am not taking any crap from anyone any more. My hubby & I are going to enjoy our life together. We are doing things together to enjoy our time together, going for walks, watching DVD’s, just sitting outside talking. The hell with the people who have caused us problems. Don’t have time for their crap any more. ~ Kathy Gardner 

How you go about your life in ways that are about you. One of the best examples of this is how you feel about dancing in public. So many people like to dance, you can see them swaying and tapping their feet, dancing in their seat, but they are too shy to get up on the dance floor, especially if there is no one else on the dance floor. My advice, don’t worry about it, just get up and dance. ~ Herb Daum 

You stop over thinking that you are not the most important person in the world, as to when you being judged are probably not. They are also confident. They don’t second guess themselves. They control their emotions more and don’t allow outside influences to rule them. They accept themselves for who they are imperfections. etc. Take pleasure in the small things in life, comfortable in their own skin. Think positive! ~ Brigitte Nicole

What people think about me has never been important to me because they don’t know what my journey has been. I treat people the way I want to be treated. It’s a simple philosophy. ~ June Allen 

I’m 66 and don’t care what people think at all. Even if you are young you still shouldn’t care either it just takes some longer to realize it. ~ Hugh Robeson 

Do Good, Be Good And Feel Good. Old Is Gold!

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