Sometimes, you have to let things go

Sometimes, you have to let things go

Better lonely than with someone who makes you worse than lonely.

There is never an empty room when we have God in our heart. No matter what circumstances we are facing, just believe, everything will be alright.

Sometimes we feel all the doors are closed in our life, but all the closed doors may not be locked. They may be waiting for your hard push. ~ Lingaa Chinnasamy 

It took me years to let go of something but when I did, wow! Wonderful! ~ Wynona Jenkins

Someone much better has came into my life but there’s just some past things that are hard to forget & let go of. It’s not the people of the past that’s hard to let go of, it’s the very hurtful things that they did. ~ Ladonna Stevenson 

Letting go! It doesn’t mean you don’t care, it means you are allowing things to fall in it’s place as it should have been in the first place. If that thing is a person by letting them free, if they go that means they where never yours to start with you. ~ Shakay Asailian

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