Believe in Love even when you are alone

Believe in Love even when you are alone

God always provides us with the best thing we deserve. Sometimes when we go through a tough period, we must remember it’s because God wants to see if we have the willpower, determination, strength, self-confidence to overcome the situation and come out as a winner. ~ Debapriyo Saha 

Life has so many things to explore, so many chances to achieve, lot of ways for new beginning, hopes are infinite, don’t see things in definite manner. ~ Dina Ismail 

We must keep believing in the beautiful things God has given us and seek Him when it feels like He is silent. Usually it is us who have not talked to Him, but He is always waiting patiently for us to talk to Him. ~ Brenda Iannaccone 

My parents taught me two wonderful golden rules: “Treat others as you would want them to treat you.” And, “If you do not have anything nice/kind to say, then say nothing.” If people who do not believe want their belief respected, then they need to respect the belief of those who do believe. ~ Nancy Oldenburg 

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