What does love mean?

What does love mean?

Not just the feeling of happiness, but you will also feel the calmness of your soul. The feeling of at peace. ~ Clifford Masa 

You don’t even need to sit beside someone, sitting by yourself is true love. ~ Nicole Peach 

Combined with silence, no noise from the city and a full moon at night can be one of the most peaceful moments in life. ~ Alis Spiropali 

Love is something when you be far away from someone and when you think of him /her you’ll be happy. ~ Sleman Boli 

Just looking at my sleeping wife, makes me complete. Just think how I feel when she’s awake. ~ Lars Dreier 

I want to grow old with someone and have a great friendship. Life is too short and I feel like it is going by fast. I want someone to share all the beautiful things that are available to see and touch. The beautiful mountains, the warm beautiful seas, to play in the water’s edge with the dolphins, to walk along the beach holding hands as the morning sun rises before us, to walk along the sea edge as the sun is setting for the evening casting its beautiful red rays on the water, to see the marvelous colors reflected in the evening sky, to turn to each other and see these beautiful sights in each other’s eyes, to see the joy and amazement, to hold each other and feel the life, warmth of being here with each other, to kiss deeply lovingly, the need of the other bringing completeness to the one. 

The evening sky displays, delights with colors of purple, grey, peach, pink and shades of blue. Walking along with thoughts, wondering back to the day that we met, the sweet nervous kisses, the want, the need, palpable as the pulse in your wrist, the longing for the waves to never stop, the warmth as if you both are swimming in the ocean. The waves crashing over your body, are they real or are they only in your mind.

Growing old with someone that is your best friend would be wonderful, many paths to travel, many opportunities to experience life, some experiences will be the best life has to offer, but there may be times when you are thankful, fortunate to have your best friend guarding you, to walk with you, to sit next to each other communicating during all of the life experiences that is given to you, us is the best way to spend the evening, not saying much, but a touch, a look, a nuzzle, will speak volumes, senses are alive. ~ Deborah Littell 

I always loved the excitement of first dating, but the best part is when you can sit next to one another in comfortable silence. Sometimes it can be tough and it does take a while to get there in a relationship, but when you get there all worth it. ~ Bettie Wilkinson

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