You will only begin to heal

You will only begin to heal

The energy it takes to hold onto the past is holding you back from a new life.

It is hard to do but in the end you become a stronger person. All the past does is bring you such painful memories. Letting it go is for the best for everyone. ~ Kim Rearick 

Somebody hurt you long ago and by not forgiving you continue the agony because hatred is hurting only you, not them. By forgiving we don’t say it’s ok what the other person did. We forgive so we can let go of the pain. It sets us free. We do that for ourselves, not others. ~ Dijana Filipovic 

One makes many mistakes during ones life, and learning from them is necessary, but they must not become a living burden, because they will then destroy you. ~ Jacob Singer

You have chosen to continue in your pain by not forgiving and being free. You hurt yourself and no amount of time can heal unforgiveness. There are people we all have hurt, me included and I want their forgiveness. I choose to forgive as God has forgiven me. I am happy and at peace with my God and others. ~ Bobbi Anderson 

The past is yesterday, today is now, and tomorrow is not here yet. Trying to live one day at a time, that’s all there is the rest will take care of itself. ~ Unknown

When we ask God to forgive us we have to forgive others. When we pray the Lords prayer it says forgive us as we forgive others. So if we want forgiveness then we have to forgive. ~ Cheryl Cote 

The past hurts but we can’t go back there. We can either decide to get up, move on and be excited about the future while cherishing the present, or get stuck in the past. ~ Sandratra Kerr 

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