If people hurt you

If people hurt you

We forgive and move on. If we keep bitterness in our hearts, it changes our personality and our attitude. Nothing wrong with moving away from those who only hurt you, discourage you or are always negative. Just pray for them and leave it with Him and get on with your life. ~ Mavis Mebius 

Remember, forgiving someone doesn’t mean you forget what they did to hurt you. It’s really about letting the suffering stored up inside of you go forever & it’s also about giving yourself permission to be free of all the burden, that’s been weighing heavily in your mind & your life. You will be free to move forward in your life & actually enjoy your life. We can take control back of our thoughts & our lives & have peace & serenity. ~ Vee Sotsavanh

Everyday as I wake up this I pray, ” Lord fill my heart with love so I can share it and help me to become a better person, better than yesterday, Amen.” ~ Emilio Barbo Jr. 

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