You will never have this day with your children again

Relish the charms of the Present

One day you turn around and they are all grown up and leaving the nest. 

Time flies so fast and we often wonder where have all my little ones gone? ~ Rebecca Mann 

Children do grow up so fast that if you blink your eyes, you have missed something that you may never experience again. Enjoy the precious time with your child. ~ Gail Hultay 

Once those golden moments are gone, you can never get them back. Remember and burn all the sparkles in your life’s journey. ~ Terri Everett 

The time with your children passes so quickly that before you know it they have gone. They are only lent to us for a moment. cherish it. 

Let’s not take our kids or grandkids for granted. Let’s enjoy them as much as we can while we’re still around, and they’re still young. ~ Carmen Padilla 

Cherish every giggle, tear, scraped knee, hug, cry, kiss, pitter patter, spilled milk, homemade gift, laugh, butterfly kiss and even tantrum because you just never know how short life is. Be thankful for every minute and every second with your little one(s). ~ Michelle Thompson 

It is not just time flies, that we have to enjoy our children while young, we have to spend most of our time when they are little because this is their tender and formative years when you can in-still in them your values, beliefs and principles. When they are little they are like sponges ready to absorb anything, this is the best time to fill them with good things. Fill them with spiritual things, righteous not hatred and be a good example. When they grow up..even they stray away for a moment ( as they try to identify themselves with their peers) they will remember and will come back to the life they were accustomed to because outside is just trivial way of life with no purpose, of course sometimes with a price they have pay while staying away. Little sacrifices now will be worthwhile when you look back and see how far you and them had gone. I am enjoying my grand kids now. ~ Norma Powell 

Parents need to put the phone down and listen and talk to your kids. ~ Andrea Johnson 

Remember being so “busy” and not into the moment to appreciate the true gift of today. ~ Judy Thayer 

Wish I could have recorded their whole lives and could replay it whenever I want. ~ Heather Reynolds 

The reason my 7 yr old daughter always ends up coming and climbing in my bed and spending the night just being close to one another. I’ve never felt as happy as I feel just by watching her and spending time together. She has such soft skin and an innocent outlook on life. ~ Melanie Smith 

I enjoy my grand kids as much as possible, but moms tend to get wrapped up in day to day stress and forget how beautiful and precious those little gems are. The moments are what count. ~ Lola Vanslette 

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