Children need to be taught how to think, not what to think

Children need to be taught how to think, not what to think

It begins in the home, not at school, not by others, or in the streets, you train a child at home and they take it with them wherever they go.

Children are small human beings.They deserve to be heard and we have to listen to them. They are so important in everyone’s life. We have to teach them everything in a loving manner, not in a hush hush way. Try as an adult to stay still and clear your mind to listen to their stories and what they’re trying to say to you. ~ Inise Weers 

You consider parenting a pressure? No! it’s not pressure. It is love. It’s a sense of right from wrong. If children had it their way, they’d do what ever they feel inclined to do. ~ Gloria Stevenson 

Children know how to think. They, like all of us, simply need the freedom to express thoughts in a healthy fashion. ~ David Orman

Children start out thinking for themselves. Ever take a walk with a small child? Everything is new. They can be the greatest story tellers. Then we send them to school and oops free thinking is bad; must conform. Children are taught not to fail at any cost, even if it paralyses them from thinking or acting at all. ~ Wendi Ward

They are supposed to be guided but not pressure in doing something that they are not inclined to. They can be discipline with love and no yelling. ~ Dory Bennier

We really can’t allow our children to go through their childhoods believing in fundamentally wrong things. It is our job to guide them and to show them what our beliefs are. Some things just are fundamentally important. That’s our job. Its our responsibility.

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