When you love someone, they are a part of you

When you love someone, they are a part of you

No matter how far away you are, I can always feel him.

It is very great to love someone but it is more better they love you too. 

The beauty of love is loving the flaws, the dream of love is having them love your flaws. Remember there is always more love on the horizon. ~ John Taylor 

Being so in love with that one person you would do anything for them. In other words they are your soul mate.

That string is what will choke the life out of you when that person no longer loves you and no longer cares about or for you, that feeling becomes the wound where the dagger ripped into your heart and tore it to shreds, and that feeling you once loved becomes a bitter resentment because you will always feel that person you connected with in your soul. Even after they have abused and neglected the precious love you gave them. Yet because of that connection you can’t bring yourself to hate them for all the times they’ve hurt you. ~ Eve Odom 

Boy: What did one Leaf say to the other?
Girl: What?
Boy: I’m falling for you
(She smiles at him softly)
Girl: Then what did the sand say to the tidal waves?
Boy: You tell me.?
Girl: Take me with you forever 

They are a dear part of you and they’re always on your mind and in your soul. Forever and always. ~ Marie Andersson

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