When people make you feel unwanted

When people make you feel unwanted

Only the truth will set us free from the scars of yesterday. Let the pain go by accepting the truth & learn to face the reality that you are not meant for each other. ~ Lizabelle Guzman 

Sometimes you spend your time doing for others and you forget you have a life too. You show love, you help them out at the drop of a hat and be there for them when ever you can. You put so much effort in and get very little or nothing in return. You tolerate and endure, you go back for more and you hope things will get better, but you can only take so much before you stick up for yourself and speak your mind. The truth hurts, but surely it is better out than keeping it to yourself and you are the only one hurting, then all you have done in the past is forgotten and those you loved and put before yourself, walk past you as if you don’t exist. We all make mistakes, some we learn from, some we don’t. The weak don’t forgive, that is down to the strong. ~ Nigel Williams 

Sometimes all you need is to make yourself realize that you have done enough, you bear enough, you tolerate enough and now it’s time to think about your own self, time to think about what you deserve. Time to break all bonds and move on. It’s your’s time to be happy. ~ Darakhshan Azam 

You are the only one who knows your true worth, your value. So you’re the only one who gets to decide who you want to lose or keep in your life and every once in a while unfortunately, you have to throw the garbage. ~ Ermie Calma 

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