Walk away from the nonsense around you

Walk away from the nonsense around you

Sometime when you give them a taste of their own nonsense they get offended and without realizing it say that you’re being blah or blah, not knowing they just observed themselves and called their own action out, then even if they laugh you just walk away. They think they are so clever. ~ Unknown
When the Holy Spirit shows you who and what they’re about, don’t give them the ‘benefit of the doubt’, move and thank God. ~ Martha Woods 

One toxic person can spoil things for a whole lot and when you realize that no matter what you say or do, they are going to behave like a child, then it’s better to release the situation where they’re causing problems. It’s just not worth the stress. ~ Uknown

This is even people who call you family. Make your own family of people who show you they love you. ~ Newell Lawson 

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