Sometimes you just outgrow people

Sometimes you just outgrow people

I was trying to save friendships and relationships that had I had simply out grown. Your inner man, spirit will always let you know. I also had to learn that is was ok to walk away. It wasn’t easy, but so very necessary. ~ Luxora Bonner

It’s amazing when a good friend will stick with you through the good times and bad and its difficult to learn that some were really not your friend at all or they simply wanted the friendship on their terms only. For me with all of my life changes, marriage, family and a cancer diagnoses, sometimes you want to reach out to old friends which is may be growing and not out growing. ~ Melinda Citron

If you are married and have made a true commitment to that person, it is better to let them catch up to you, for in time, you will be the one who is racing to catch up. We don’t grow at the same rates. I agree that you cannot “fix” another person and you shouldn’t try, but don’t assume that by moving on you will make it better. Try patience and love first, then make your decision. ~ Randi Taylor

In terms of marriage our society has become a little to quick to walk away. We think that when things get rough it is time to walk away and all this does is create failed relationship after failed relationship. Sometimes when things go wrong in a relationship is it an opportunity for growth by both people rather than simply walking away. We also have to consider the fall our for any children that may be involved in a decision like this. ~ Deborah Morgan

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