Trust the little voice when it’s telling you

Trust the little voice when it's telling you

If you’re getting a bad feeling about something, that alone should be your justification. Trust your gut, because when you get the feeling that something’s not right, something’s not right. ~ Melinda Inglesby

I did and I feel much better. No more toxic relationships for me. ~ Kim Kingsbury

Listening to other people is a waste of time and put you into a extreme danger. Our inner voice is our real heart given by God. ~ Marissa Hirose

I live by this every day of my life. There are people out there you can read like a book and you have to stay far away. Your inner voice is always right, you need to be aware of it. ~ Diane Giustiniani

I walked out of a place if it gives me strange feelings and so are people that give me bad vibes. I do not mingle with them. If left with no choice and surrounded with those types of people, I try to find some diversion so I cannot be talking or pretending that they matter to me. ~ Norma Powell

I do trust my inner voice or the guardian angels who guide me constantly. ~ Sanchayita Mukherjee

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