The Greatest test in life

The Greatest test in life

Always help others because in the process you may not be at your best but by giving and helping others you, in turn, are helping yourself. ~ Vicki Mc 

Sometimes your existence gives hope to one person, your smile may be a pearl for someone. Make a decision today to be a blessing to someone else. ~ Priya Arora 

In reality, the dealing with someone else’s issues is a good thing to me. I say this because this allows you to step away from your own issue for a bit and may help you develop an alternate perspective. It may seem like a bother at the time and you may not realize this though but overall I think it can be very helpful. Many times dealing with someone else’s issue is the path to dealing with your own issue. ~ Tad White 

The noble mission of a man is and must be the happiness of others.

Nobody will know that person is drowning in the middle of sea.

The sun shines after every storm. Life is the same. No matter what you are going through it will pass.

It makes you feel better when you can take the focus off yourself and bless someone.

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