No matter how strong a girl is

No matter how strong a girl is

A hug says a thousand words. ~ Prabha Ramesh

No matter how strong we are everyone needs a hug now and then. As for me I will take a hug any day and at any time. ~ Ronda Middleton

More hugs would definitely give me the strength to handle a lot more tough stuff I’m going through. ~ Karen Kenehan

Hugs do definitely help lift all of us. We need more hugs and less blaming, criticizing and fault-finding. ~ Patricia Laberdie

This is the beautiful part of being human, to open up like the flower, with the courage and certainty that we will be kissed by the Sun when we need warmth. ~ Christian Love

A hug, a smile and the words things will be alright can really build a person’s strength and outlook. It just makes a person feel better. ~ Michael Morris

When you need a hug, just wrap your arms around yourself and know we are there in spirit. ~ Elizabeth Cleveland

Sometimes it’s good to be hugged by somebody who cares about you. ~ Serge De Groote

I kinda been hug hungry lately. ~Troy

I love to hug to show support and genuine affection. ~ Monette Millar

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to give & receive hugs & you can tell when a person really is showing you love. ~ Ella Copeland

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