Start over and create something better

Start over and create something better

As we get older, we get wiser and realize there are not enough hours/days to fix the problem and walking away and starting all over is not a failure but a realization that something better is behind the next door.

Sometimes we need to realize that getting attached to the same job may only result in frustration, which make it a better option to move on to something worthwhile.

Sometimes letting go of the past, and future helps us create this. It is not that we do not take a few moments to learn from past successes and to set future goals. We should do both these things. But when we evaluate who we are, and the value of the day, we might just be better off at looking at the day as an individual moment in time, not compared to what we want in the future or seen as being chained down by past mistakes. It is a moment in time we accept as it is and we just do the best things available for us to do in this moment in time that will push us in the direction of our goals. Then our day shines forth with, “I did some good things today.”

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