How to understand a person?

How to understand a person?

We all have our own stories, our own lives, our plans for the future and our own point of views to the life. No one is capable to judge to anyone unless he/she lives that life, feel and do things we do and think thoughts we have. ~ Miroslav Joksimovic

The problem is finding away to do that without ruining the friendship. It takes courage, honesty and determination. ~ Karen Grieve-Grassow Collins

Just accept everyone as they are. We don’t even need to climb into their skin (gross) and walk around in it (even grosser) just accept unconditionally. We all have our own lessons in life. Yours are not the same as mine; mine not the same as yours. I respect your lessons. Please respect mine. ~ Therese van der Zweep 

No one will ever know how much someone is hurting. And in today’s world most people just don’t care until it’s them that needs someone to listen to. If you refuse to listen to somebody else, I don’t care how many times they rehash something, then don’t expect them to feel sorry for you in your time of need. It works both ways. ~ Jo Ann Metz

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