Stand up for what we know is right

Stand up for what we know is right

Sometimes you have to take a stand and sometimes you have to stand alone, but when you stand alone, people can see who you are and what you stand for. ~ David Kush

This is how you develop your character & gain respect. Don’t be ashamed you might be wrong, I believe there is no wrong in standing for what you believe in. ~ Rose Ferreira

As long as you are always true to you, no one can take yourself esteem away. Being true to you, is the best gift you can give yourself. ~ Andi Hall

Standing for yourself is essential because no one understands your needs except you. ~ Muskaan Smiley

We may fell alone when we are the only one standing, but if we are standing on/for the truth, we definitely not alone. ~ Martha Olmes

They were using me, tried to brainwash me. I was alone. I was so vulnerable, they thought I was weak. They did not know that I was strong enough to leave them because I knew it was not fair and not right to be treated as such. I stood up for what I believe in, even I was alone. I was not actually alone. GOD was on my side too. HE accompanied me & directed me to where I am now. Praise The LORD. ~ Fe E. David 

How long can you ignore things? Life is a vicious circle, things will keep hitting you once in a while, no matter what you have to face situations but what all you need is a strength to keep standing when life is knocking you down, even if it means standing alone with confidence. ~ Shishir Kumar

Spent a lot of time in my life standing without other people’s support, but have never been alone. There’s one greater than everything and everybody. ~ Amy Keys

Keep looking straight ahead to what is good, even if you will stand alone, never-never go the wrong way.

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