Someone that was so special to you

Someone that was so special to you

Either a person(s) are blessings or lessons.

They are meant to cross our paths for a reason. ~ Ana Barletta

Sometimes the really difficult people are the biggest reasons of all.

Makes us who we are & if you learn by the mistake. That is to your benefit. ~ Valerie Marino 

Good or bad, they are definitely in your life for a reason. ~ Laurie Kaiser 

Nothing happens by accident. The Universe takes care of the law of attraction worth. ~ Ana Barletta

Everyone has a message to give you or you will give them a message. If you are attentive enough you will see it. ~ Douglas Zawacki 

There are no accidents in life. Everything is for a reason. You may not find out the reason for years. ~ Helen Tarantino 

It’s amazing how so many people cross my paths only to make me think wow, but then again you have the bad apples that cross your path and you say oops wrong turn. ~ Pedro Barrera 

God put these paths in our way. It’s up too you too take the right path.

God’s got work for you to do. Make a positive, blessing in someone’s life today. Who knows? You just might be entertaining an angel. ~ Jill Comer 

God has a plan already for each and every one of us and I’m thankful for all the one’s he has put in my life. ~ Marilyn DeLancey 

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