How you will find your perfect life partner?

How you will find your perfect person

Perfect is when you realize there’s nothing perfect and you still don’t mind.

Your perfect person says it all. They don’t have to be perfect, just have to be perfect for you. No one is perfect but people are so perfect for each other. ~ Sheral Jackson 

The person does not have to be perfect to be perfect for you.

Perfection is not the same for everyone, perhaps is just a matter of finding what’s more important and realizing that’s enough. ~Hernan Morales 

We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. ~ Sam Keen

Perfect is when you find the one that matches almost close to everything you need, want and can accept for the rest of your life. That is perfect!

When it’s the right person they are perfect in your eyes. ~ Bonny Cameron 

When you truly love a person, you see beyond imperfection. You see her innate beauty and value beyond reproach and compare. So the next time you’re tempted to “whine” when reality starts to set in, go back to the times when all you see in that person is more than perfection. It’s you’re love that completes, complement and perfect that imperfect person. ~ Ace Gregorio Lagasca 

There is a perfect person for everyone of us because every one of us see’s different personality, character of people in different way, different eyes & different view. ~ Vesna Kain Ve 

Perfection doesn’t exist, it’s about loving the person for who they are. All the good along with what you think you don’t like. Loving the whole person. ~ Thomas Rubenstein 

There is no such “perfect” person. It is when we find someone that wants us in their life and love us unconditionally along with lots of communication. ~ Deb Michels 

No one is perfect. You appreciate what you have if in return they appreciate you and you both continue everyday to move forward to be that great couple and the love becomes enough when you are both in it, that it starts to feel “perfect” for the both of you. ~ Doreen Munoz 

 I don’t want perfect, I just want perfectly suited for me. ~ Lisa Donnelly 

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