Sensitive people should be treasured in life

This is me all the way. I feel even happiness so much I cry on everything. When I’m sad, happy, also when mad. I think I’m a big cry baby but I know it’s because I’m a deeply caring and loving person. I feel everything strongly, but I’ve had to set boundaries so I’m not constantly getting hurt. It sucks when it’s family that hurts you though. ~ Kristine Hutchins 

I am a sensitive person as is my son. I take things in very deeply and have been bruised many times. I have learned to set healthy boundaries, however. It has taken me a lot of therapy to let go of the sadness caused by hurtful people in my case, it was intentional hurt. But, we can change the world by acknowledging that we are all different and if we had cookie cutter humans, this would be an awful society. ~ Patty Melt 

We can’t stop being ourselves. We are who we are, but one must be careful who they give to. Some people just take, take, take! Everyone needs to have boundaries. ~ Linda Hook 


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