People do lie, cheat and stab you in the back

People do lie, cheat and stab you in the back

Most people only want you around when they need/want something. Selfishness and jealously bring out the worst in people. ~ Tiffany Vela 

Don’t get bitter because of bad people in your life. I have almost become bitter myself, but there’ll always be good people in this world. We’ve just got to look for them and they will appear sooner or later. Furthermore, believe in yourself and that your life has a purpose and that it may get better. Even if the situation stays the same for your entire life, then your newly gained confidence will allow you to cope with it perfectly. the mean people make us feel sad within our hearts but the upside is that once we’ve faced them we feel stronger and we can enjoy positive people more ~ Rolph Mars

Find someone who will never hurt you. I’d be happy with someone who apologizes and makes amends when they hurt me. ~ Michael Persons

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