She’s the girl who would love to be loved

She's the girl who would love to be loved

Be a girl who respects herself.

I am that guy. I would love to meet that girl and show her there are real men in this world that will treasure being loved for real. ~ David Collins

And now she is loved by an angel cowboy who catches her when she falls, is there to wipe away the tears with his kisses, holds her when she is feeling weak, cherishes her when she is strong and adores her when she is just being a girl. Thank you God for saving the best for last. I LOVE MY BF ~ Kasandra Smith

We all need a reminder sometimes, the sad part is so many of us can’t see how amazing and great we truly are, and fight to try and see past the truth less lies many of us have had beaten in to us and been made to believe is the truth, when it isn’t. And so many of us wear our masks so well, and hide so much pain an torment and more that no one knows or sees. Even when they look us in the eye, others may see it an don’t care, some just to busy. It would be so nice if could look in the mirror and see the things so many of us don’t or can’t that those who grisly love and care about us see, and see it ourselves, or look in their eyes and see it and feel it and be able to trust it, and not all the lies, so many have no idea how strong and beautiful they really are, I know many like me that can’t even look in mirror. It’s amazing the blindness of many in ones life that never see past the masks, and the things that nobody knows, scary and sad too. ~ Jade Drakkynn

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