One of the Hardest lessons in life

One of the Hardest lessons in life

Trying to hold on to something that doesn’t exist anymore is heartbreaking enough. At a point we have to let go and it’s then when we start to heal and find life again. ~ Emma Megerdichian 

Breaking up is the worse and painful. Sometimes it is better to venture out to search for a new horizon alone then staying in a bad situation finding yourself even being more alone in the end. ~ Timothy Lavender 

People become dependent on each other and use to having that special someone around. It is the combination of fear in being alone again and the loss of having that feeling of sharing life’s road with someone. Being there in a supportive caring way as we all need as just being simply human. It is hard tearing away from someone you love or have loved but even with someone in a bad situation can get much lonelier and assuringly more painful than being single and alone again. It clears the head and soothes the soul to search again once we get over the pain. We can begin again and search for that which we all long for in the end. A love that makes us grow not wilts our spirit. ~ Timothy Lavender 

If the person doesn’t treat you right you should let them go. As you are blocking the path for the right one. Love is not meant to hurt, if it does it’s not love. It hurts but you have to let go. ~ Nish Dab 

It hurts but in the end it’s worth it. Find someone you like and likes you back, respects you and you respect them back, is really interested in what you have to say and vice versa and it could lead to a beautiful relationship. ~ Victoria Mack 

You can spend a lifetime in misery until you find love in yourself is when destiny whatever it maybe, will be found. ~ Tami Hildenbrandt 

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