Not everyone will appreciate what you do for them

Not everyone will appreciate what you do for them

If it’s the right thing to do still do it, despite appreciation. The reward is in the doing. I never expect anything for being kind to others. ~ Lisa Leffley 

To give with an open heart when and where we can, to suspend judgement is unconditional love. Whatever the circumstances should not concern us but rather to know that in some way we make a difference is what counts. The ripple effect is the our gift. ~ Jenny Egan 

If you’re worrying about who you are being kind to, you’re doing it wrong. It is not about what others do with your kindness but simply that you are kind. Appreciation isn’t required, it is nice, but not required. ~ Ron King 

A wise woman once said, “Always be kind because one day you will need someone to be kind to. Always smile, because one day, you will cherish the smile given back to you.” Don’t concentrate on who is taking advantage of who right now, make sure you show your worth, the people will know who not to take advantage of, they will walk away. ~ Paula Hoffman 

People always seem to take your kindness for weakness. A wise man told me the only way to protect yourself is be kind with no expectation that your kindness will ever be appreciated or reciprocated. Eventually those who abuse your kind heart will receive what they give which is nothing. The universe has a way of keeping everything in balance. ~ Cindy Parker

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