Never speak from a place of anger or hate

Never speak from a place of anger or hate

Look beyond the negative and create a positive that may go forward to all!
A moment of patience in a moment of anger prevents thousands moments of regret!
Have mercy! This weekend alone I have typed and deleted no less than 6 FB posts! When I thought about what I had typed & WHY, I chose to delete & move on. Less reaction and more action, including compassion & understanding. I am an infinite source of love & light. Practicing that mantra requires diligence & practice! ~ Jacqueline Smith 
After something bad happens, something goes wrong or we read something that upsets us, we should wait 17 min before we respond. That is enough time for a person to finally think rationally so we don’t say or write something we would regret later. ~ Tyson Filmanski 
Life is too short for these words to occur. Most times keeping my mouth shut is the best thing I can do. Writing it down, talking it out with someone else and learning to let go and let live have helped me in the past. Just for today I do not choose to act out but tomorrow might be different. I try to stay in the solution with peace! ~ Maryann Herne 
We have to think a number of times, before we blurt out words! At the same time, our natural instincts make us impatient and will regret later. We can try our best to be quite and smile away. When we act this way, our mind calms down, which is good for everyone and self. Practice will change your attitude, gradually, then only peace! ~ Brinda Venkat 

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