Never be ashamed of your Scar

Never be ashamed of your Scar

It also means you survived. You were lucky enough to get away. ~ David Velasquez 

Sometimes the scars on the inside hurt more than the one on the out side. ~ Donna Gillette 

Gives me an excise to show off my scar from stage 3 c ovarian cancer. I’m proud to say I got through it and survived and have the scar to look at and remind me. Others have not been as lucky as me to survive. It is those people I morn for every day. ~ Jody Hildebrand 

My accident just about killed me, they said I was dead but they brought me back to life, 4 times and I am here and there is a reason for it, maybe to be here for my Grand kids. ~ Sheila Burnett 

I was almost stabbed to death when I was 14. 9 times. 15% chance of living, preist at my side. 25yrs later I wear them with pride. They made me the man I am today. ~ Jayson Huth 

I have third degree burns that I received at the age of 9 months. The taunting I took really hurt me, but I am victorious and here I am at 68 years strong. ~ Birgit Seide 

I have scars now from colon cancer but I fought and won so my scars are just a reminder of me being stronger. ~ Ginger Bauman

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