Everyone says love hurts

Everyone says love hurts

Loneliness only hurts, when you don’t like yourself, if you love yourself, even when by yourself, you are never lonely EVER and losing someone, only hurts if you are attached and not connected because no one really loses anyone, not even in death, for their energy always remains, for the soul is eternal and love only hurts, if you think you only require love from another, but will give it, rejection does hurt, but that’s a lesson we all have to face, in realizing that we are not being rejected but set upon another path, that is better for us. A blessing in disguise! ~ Beck Yeadon 

One love is being positive in such a way we embrace life and others think we have a secret they must have and fall in love with the idea of being with us, that’s one love. Another is love of money or gratification. Another is loving to hate someone. Another is family love or parent love a Child’s love of its parents brothers sisters . Love can only be defined by what we do for others or what consumes us. ~ John Hill 

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