Go inside and listen to your body

Go inside and listen to your body

Your mind can be your worst enemy. Intuition is always right.

First instinct is gut, then after that the brain gets involved and makes things unclear. Go with the first gut instinct because 99 times out of 100 it is right.

I wish people stopped listening to their brains 99% of the time. They just get angry and don’t see the truth and speak what’s on their mind. It’s not where the real feelings lie, then everything just becomes worse. ~ Meredith Anne 

Heart can also lie. It can have a broken heart for listening to your heart. Better to think before you speak your mind. It’s better just let it be.

Sometimes your head tries to trick your body into believing a lie by using you’re fears to manipulate the way you know you feel and what you know you & need to do to handle the problem or decision in front of you. Know who you are and stand by that always. ~ Dustin Thede 

I have been in the traffic jam of the mind many times, stuck on going no where freeway with clear view in sight, but it is a choice we have to make, to you wish to stay stuck with noises buzzing all around you increasing the anxiety levels to breaking point. You have to make a conscious decision to move froward from this place. You generate many thoughts out into the universe, the choice for those thoughts are sent to you in the form of intuition, trust your intuition go with the first choice that comes to mind, do not fear it as you cannot loose, you either make the right choice or you learn from a wrong choice. Live life in moments, the present moment is whats real, the past is gone it will not be back the future has not been decided yet leave it until it becomes present. What’s in front of you now is where your focus should be. One moment at at a time. ‘CLEAR IN THE MIND – CLEAR IN YOUR LIFE’. Choose the heart over the head and peace will be yours. ~ Michael Brown 

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