When you meet the right person in your life

When you meet the right person in your life

Love is very eternal but when you find the right one you would die for them. Love is real. 

Taller than the tallest tree is that’s how it’s got to feel. Deeper than the deep blue sea that’s how deep it goes if it’s real. When somebody loves you it’s no good unless he loves you all the way. 

You simply know it. It’s a feeling, a special feeling. You never felt it before, and maybe you will never feel it with someone else. ~ Mihaela Lațcu 

We spend every minute together when he is not at work and I still cant stop thinking about him. Nothing and no one will ever compare. To feel like this is incredible. ~ Christine Elliott 

You’ll just know in your heart. I found mine in 1997 & married him in 1999. It hasn’t been easy, but its true unconditional love when your spouse loves & forgives you like God does. When everything & everyone is trying to tear you two apart, but you both still are committed to be together. You must put God at the center of your marriage, as the devil would love nothing more than to destroy a marriage, let alone separate a united Family. Don’t go searching for love. Let love find you & God will bring him to you. ~ April Featherston 

When you can’t feel at ease not seeing them for a day you know that is the one. I had that feeling with my late husband and no one can compare the feeling of elation when you see them again and there is nothing that will prevent you from committing to them for a lifetime. ~ Norma Powell 

The problem is when the “right person” doesn’t feel the same way about you. ~ David Velasquez 

There’s nothing wrong in a second time around. Hoping and come again. Love is life. ~ Josephine Rosario 

When that feeling is not shared by the other person, it is one of the most horrible and painful things that exists. ~ Stefan LaLuna 

You will meet the right person, just be patient & trust your gut. 

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