Certain things will never go back to how they used to be

Certain things will never go back to how they used to be

No looking back. Accept the now of it and move on.

Sometimes we have to leave a broken glass than to hurt more by trying to glue it back pieces by pieces.

You can never get back to how it used to be once it’s been broken and you can never get back to how it was by building on memory’s and hopes. Nothing’s completely natural and any more because your always trying to live up to an expectation instead of living the reality and loving the life, but like everything else in life you really do have to live through the changes, to learn from the pain, to finally get to the point of accepting you have to leave it all behind. ~ Laura Roberts 

Yesterday has gone, today will follow, but tomorrow is filled with new possibilities.

Some things don’t need to ever go back to the way they use to be.

Once something is broken, it’s hard to put the pieces back together!

Turning the page doesn’t have to be a bad thing, may be the best thing that ever could happen.

Everything happen for a reason. The only things we all need to focus is positive and not negative things to make your life more peaceful and successful.

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