Be with a man keeps the promise

Be with a man who promises you

If you believe you will not reach your goal, you wont, if you believe you will not lose weight or quit a bad habit, you wont. If you believe you will never have true love, you won’t. You have to believe it. Open your heart and your mind to it. If you’re hurt, bitter or angry, of course you are skeptical, then you need to hurt, heal and then love again for if you shelter yourself from getting hurt, you shelter yourself from happiness too.

Any woman has the right to discuss the future with the man he loves. Mostly, men freak out when the ladies start to refer to future plans. Only a few has the maturity to hear them out. I guess it also has something to do with a man’s affection for his lady Love goes beyond physical attraction and amorous passions. ~ Charis Dagoc

It takes years of work (most of the time), but it is all worth it when you get there. ~ Diane Mendes

It goes both ways. Too many men and women are so selfish that they can’t look past there own needs. I have been blessed to find that man and I do the same for him. ~ Tina Cart

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