Anyone can Love you when the sun is shining

Anyone can Love you when the sun is shining

True character is shown in the face of adversity.

Only few will be right there for you in times of troubles and rest will leave you when you need them the most.

In times of crisis, sickness or tragedy is when you find out what people (family & friends) are really like.

Love will conquer all. Hard at times, but will prevail. The goodness is within you. People are all raised different and are entitled to their own opinions. No matter how brain washed they are, just love and accept. No one is perfect. ~ Kim Schram 

Truth is very few actually cares & rest are curious set of people or there with us as long as they need us in their lives. At the end, few of us left all alone to fight our own battle.

When it’s stormy inside, get out of yourself. A good thought for me sometimes. ~ Greg Gicca 

We must be willing to let them see that we are in a storm and open to their love and affection. ~ Bill Solomon 

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