All of us are broken in some way

All of us are broken in some way

Those broken pieces will never be the same again and there will always be some part of them missing. ~ Weston Bird 
We all hit bumps in the road but we have to get back up and get it back together. The main thing is to never give up because there is always hope. ~ Penny Needham
We put the pieces back together the best that we can and then move on with our lives the best that we can. ~ Pam DeSchepper 
If you pick yourself up and keep trying to do better, make yourself be the person you want to be. ~ Joyce Waite 
Putting the broken pieces back together creating a new form not only gives you a new beginning but also gives you the opportunity to fill the cracks with a stronger bonding material. Having someone willing to help you reinvent yourself is a blessing and incredibly hard to accept. So you tend to break again. Until you accept your own brokenness and live with your new cracked appearance. After all we are human and make mistakes daily. ~ Ana Botha 

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