Accept! They aren’t that person anymore

Accept! They aren't that person anymore

You have to realize sometimes, that you were just wrong about them. They did not have you in their heart, really; and you should never have taken them seriously in the first place.~ Beverly Fowler 

Hard to let them go, but if lying, cheating are involved, you have to accept they weren’t who you thought they were. ~ Angela Hendrickson 

Maybe they never were that person you thought them to be. ~ Mary Munion 

That person just isn’t interested in you any more. Therefore, get over it. ~ Katherine Granada 

 Whenever I erase someone from my life, I just tell myself, “Well, I can’t take them with me when I go anyway.” ~ Marlo Bailey 

Cutting bad people out of my life has been the best decision I ever made. ~ Nathan Wosnack 

 Sometimes value ourselves more than being in a relationship. ~ Marge Ambuske 

We grow through life and some people are there for a reason, a season, and no more than that. ~ Jules Hancock 

Things change and people change. Don’t try to beg or keep those who no longer want to be with you. ~ Vitchy Shui 

 When God removes things and people from your life, He always has something/someone better. Be the change you want to see in the world.

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