Usually give people more chances than they deserve

I usually give people more chances than they deserve

Once is an oversight, twice is a mistake and three times is a choice.

I usually stick around longer than I should but when I’m done I’m truly DONE. ~ John Christian

I use the 3 strike rule along with this. The only thing is, the other person, place or thing, doesn’t know when they get a strike, until I walk away. ~ Kathy Williams 

Sometimes you just have to let go, stop worrying, caring about people who are just plain and simple mean, un-grateful and very rude. ~ Locus Tisha 

Nobody said you didn’t forgive. They said that there is no more chance for that other person. Sometimes it’s for the fact that you are getting hurt so many times and the other isn’t doing anything to stop hurting you and that’s an abusive relationship for you. Nobody will love you more if you don’t love yourself enough and stay in that bad relationship/friendship knowing that it’s gonna destroy you. you forgive but you let go. ~ Satiah Maduro 

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