A person’s action do affect other people

A person's action do affect other people

Sometimes we can say things in anger and really regret it afterwards, but when somebody takes the time to type hurtful or threatening messages, reads them and then presses the send button. This is unforgivable. ~ Ed Skinner 

Simple rule to follow, is to treat others, as you would want to be treated yourself. If everyone adopted the mindset, the world would be a much better place. ~ Michael Cook 

People need to remember that not all comments are about them, either. If we all approached life with sense of humor instead of being so uptight and ready-to-be-insulted that things would go a lot smoother. ~ Robin Horasanian

Some people don’t care or simply are ignorant and think it’s okay for them saying and doing bad things. Some adults nowadays act that way because that’s the way the family taught them of life. ~ Hochvatter Danielle 

So many take it to the other extreme and censor everything they say or do for fear of how it will affect others, and that no way to live either. Like everything else in life, it’s about balance. ~ Victoria Fernandez 

Sometimes in life you treat people good and do everything for them and don’t expect anything for it and they still are mean to you and treat you like crap and when you’ve finally had enough and start standing up for yourself, they turn it around on you like your the bad seed or something. ~ Barbara Sanders

The way how some treat friends. Some people hurt their always present friends, while they over protect others who are not even relevant in their lives. It seems that they hold on to them and to their loyalties based on impressions, as who they perceive better, because of looks, or social status, and not by character and essence of spirit. ~ Carolina Mel 

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