Forget what hurt you in the past

Forget what hurt you in the past

Forgiveness = Freedom

It is perfectly fine and healthy to remember what hurt you, what is not healthy is to remain wounded by it. You have to let the wound heal but look at the scar and sometimes think about it. There is a healthy borderline. ~ Gail Strejc 

Trusting wrong people will always end up feeling hurt, but this will teach you to take care while opening your heart to someone. ~ Anamika Bhattacharjee 

Forgiving allows love to come into your heart to receive and give love. You truly can’t when there is no forgiveness.

We only learn from hurts and mistakes, but shall make a better choice the next time. What hurts most are our own expectations getting disappointed. So I don’t expect anymore and wait for the surprise. ~ Ingrid Bahtiyar 

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