You should appreciate what you have

You should appreciate what you have

Be content for what we have and be thankful for that.

How about appreciating your family/siblings if you have any/you children, your friends or your health, your home, or better yet, your life. It’s not always about staying with the person you’re no longer happy with. ~ Lene Bondoc  

More time must be spent in a state of gratefulness. I am actually in a gratitude challenge right now sending a card a day to people I am grateful to have in my life. ~ Alecia Lawrence 

Sometimes what you had and thought you couldn’t live without turns out to be something you thought you needed because you didn’t know you were worth so much more. ~ Meryle Wooster 

When it’s gone, we always wish it was here, but it belongs to someone else. ~ Anne Gumbs

Sometimes it takes a while to realize this but when you do, you are better off. ~ Linda Goessl 

I once knew a man that complained he had no shoes, that’s bad enough, but then he met a man with no feet. Appreciate you are breathing today. I appreciate the little things in life today like never before. I don’t have much for material things, but I have my life and have what I need, and definitely some of what I want. ~ Katherine Marr 

Someone was complaining at the temporary job I have about, they hate their job. It reminded me about when I had a permanent job and someone was complaining about their raise was a small percent. I told them to sing, I got a job, I got a job. Appreciate! ~ Erocia Banks 

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